Assignment 1 – Signs & Symbols – #edtechcca1

January 24, 2012

OK signs and symbols for a maths teacher. Should be simple. After all everything in maths uses symbols. That was the main problem: All the symbols are taken. So time to be creative. Well I guess this is what #edtechcc is all about! So here is my maths sign. A bit of a play on words and a sad attempt at humour.

I decided the best place to look for inspiration for sign usage was the highway code here in the UK. My daughter is currently taking driving lessons. Therefore the signs of the highway code are always been talked about in the house. mmmmm reminds me of when I sat my driving test. Can’t say I’ve looked at it in too much detail since then. A bit embarrassing as it was quite a few years ago.

Back to the assignment then. Here is my second symbol for another subject area. No probs guessing the subject but blue signs are informative rather than warnings or restrictions.

For both symbols I used the notebook software used with Smartboards. Not the best at time for graphics but it costs nothing and with a wee bit of ingenuity you can be quite creative. To capture the images I used the “snip-it” tool supplied with widows 7. If I wanted to alter the captured image with some fancy effect I would have used screenpresso. More info here

So lets see if you can work out what the symbols are telling you!



January 8, 2012

I  teach mathematics at The James Young High School, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. I am also the Maths Network Leader and Numeracy Development Officer for West Lothian. My teaching career started fairly late on in life having been a Civils Site Engineer, a KFC “chicken fryer” and driver for the Ministry of Defence  in  previous employment incarnations. Teaching was a career that I sort of slipped into and found that I really enjoyed the job! That enjoyment and commitment is still there after over 10 years as a maths teacher.

Other than mathematics my main work interest is the use of ICT in education. I vividly remember my first experience of using a computer in a training exercise in an army barracks and being so scared that I would bring down the whole of the armed forces computing network. Thankfully that never happened but I got the bug of working and playing with computers. So much has changed since then and now ICT invades almost all of our private and work lives.

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